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Profitable Eco Opportunities

We offer lucrative Eco Affiliate Programs for Independent Business Owners. In addition, we offer profitable Eco Distributor Programs for resellers such as catalogs, internet and retail stores. Our innovative products and programs are designed for quick & profitable sales in a tough economy.>>More
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Green Innovations by Govations for Less

Our innovative eco friendly air sanitizer, toothbrush sanitizer, air purifier, air cleaner and deodorizer solutions are designed to make your life healthier, safer and greener for less. They also make excellent unique gifts for your friends and family. As an added benefit, our sanitizers help the planet by reducing your carbon footprint and helping fight global warming.

We are proud to introduce our new line of toothbrush sanitizers that protect you from harmful bacteria and viruses that thrive on moist toothbrushes. Steribrush™ Cup Toothbrush Sanitizer protects you at home while the compact portable Steribrush™ Travel Tootbrush Sanitizer protects you while you are on the go. They both kill germs using the same germicidal UV technology used to sanitize dental and medical equipment. A clean toothbrush will result in better oral hygiene and health.

Following are our featured green toothbrush sanitizer, air sanitizer, air purifier, air cleaner and deodorizer products which will save you over 50% compared to similar products sold by our major competitors. Why pay more when you can get better and greener products for less?

Featured Green Pest Repellers & Sanitizers for a Healthier Life & Planet

Animal & Pest Repellers

solar animal repeller infrared bird repeller multifunctional pest repeller dog bark controller repeller
only $39.99 only $38.99 only $29.99 only $19.99

Chemical Free Pest Control

Bug Repeller & Energy Saving Bulb Pest & Mosquitoe Repeller Dog Repeller Portable Mosquitoe Repeller
only $11.99 only $19.99 only $29.99 only $6.99

Toothbrush Sanitizers

Countertop Toothbrush Sterilizer Portable Toothbrush Sterilizer Family Toothbrush Sterilizer Safety Kit
only $24.99 only $15.99 only $25.99 only $19.99

Air Sanitzers, Purifiers & Odor Control Products

Air Sanitizing & Energy Saving CFL Bulb Air Purifier & Deodorizer Air Purifier & Pest Control Hand Deodorizer
only $ 21.99 only $25.99 only $29.99 only $11.99

Solar Energy Saving Products

Solar Bird Repeller Solar Rodent Repller Solar Battery Mouse Repeller solar snake repeller
only $39.99 only $29.99 only $38.99 only $24.99
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