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The Eco Affiliate Program

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The Green Business Opportunity

Our unique Eco Affiliate Program was specially designed for individuals and e-commerce businesses interested in selling profitable EcoSmart, EnergySmart and HealthSmart Products™ on the internet. And best of all, you don’t have to inventory or ship products and it's FREE to join in just a few minutes. Eco Affiliates benefit from many exclusive IMTEK eco brands, leads, and materials necessary to build a satisfying, profitable and sustainable green business with very low overhead and no risk. Our green portfolio includes revolutionary eco products such as the SaniBulb™ Air Sanitizer, Purifier and Deodorizer CFL Bulb that cleans air by eliminating indoor pollution while saving money by reducing energy usage.

We empower people with a passion for going green with a unique opportunity to earn a professional income on a flexible schedule, running an independent eco business they can be proud off. We encourage and support you to meet your goals – whether success means earning additional income, improving the environment, or something totally different, your goals are completely up to you.

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Become an Independent Eco Affiliate Now!

To join our Eco Affiliate Program, simply complete our simple Online Registration Form and you’re done. It’s as easy as that to become an Eco Affiliate and to start earning money immediately! We will provide you with your own FREE Eco Affiliate Web Site where you can check your sales, profits, traffic, account balance and monitor your performance 24/7 in real time.

Order Demo Kits & Web Site

To help you get your Sales and Marketing campaign jump started, we suggest that you consider investing in your own SaniBulb™ Web Site and Demo Kits:

Code Name Price  
16105 SaniBulb™ Web Page with Eco Affiliate Links $49.00
16106 Eco Affiliate 4 SaniBulb™ Sample Kit $69.00
16107 Eco Affiliate SaniBulb™ Demo Kit $195.00
16108 Eco Affiliate Variety Demo Kit $125.00
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